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7 Tips on How to Find Halal Food while Travelling Overseas


Ask any Muslim how they find halal food while travelling overseas and they’d probably give a long story on how they took a detour off the highway just to find a certified halal can of tuna.  There’s a couple of things any traveller would do before they start their journey abroad. First, you’d think about […]

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Is Your Deodorant Causing Cancer?

deodorant-causing -cancer

You can’t. Because deodorant can’t cause cancer. We’ve heard this hoax passed around a lot – wearing deodorants can cause breast cancer. But according The Canadian Cancer Society, there is no evidence that deodorants and antiperspirants can cause cancer. Plus, there’s no apparent risks towards the human body, except making you smell better. The Canadian […]

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Halal or Not: 5 Types of Makeup Ingredients You Need to Know


When it comes to makeup ingredients, we rarely think if it is halal or not. The ingredients in that tube of matte liquid lipstick are not all cruelty-free and vegan. Plus, the expensive brush you always hear beauty gurus rave about? Is it made from boar bristle, pony hair or synthetic? An all-natural, organic makeup […]