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Halal or Not: 5 Types of Makeup Ingredients You Need to Know


When it comes to makeup ingredients, we rarely think if it is halal or not. The ingredients in that tube of matte liquid lipstick are not all cruelty-free and vegan. Plus, the expensive brush you always hear beauty gurus rave about? Is it made from boar bristle, pony hair or synthetic?

An all-natural, organic makeup may still contain Non-Halal ingredients. How do we make sure that the products we use are Halal?

5 Types of Ingredients You Need to Know

Before we start, the FOUR things stated as prohibited (Haram) in the Quran are; blood, flesh of swine, animals slaughtered outside of Sharia Law and animals (except fish) killed in anyway before it can be slaughtered. Remember these four as we go down the ingredient types. Now, there are thousands of makeup ingredients to list out. The easiest way to remember is to group it into five types:


Land and Aquatic Animals

  • Ingredients sourced from halal animals slaughtered and treated according to Sharia Law are Halal.
  • Ingredients from LIVE halal animals such as their fur, feather or fleece are Halal.
  • Egg sources from halal animals are also Halal for Muslim use.

Plants and Microorganism

  • Ingredients from plants and microorganisms from land, air or sea are Halal.
    • NOTE: the above must NOT be dangerous and/or mixed in with Non-Halal ingredients.

Land and Water

  • Ingredients from the earth’s soil or water including hypoproduct (like minerals) are Halal.
    • NOTE: The above must not be dangerous and/or mixed in with Non-halal ingredients.


  • Makeup and hygiene products that contain alcohol that isn’t originally produced as an alcoholic beverage (khamar) are Halal.
    • NOTE: ONLY for makeup and hygienic products; as long as you don’t consume it, it’s safe for use.


  • Synthetic makeup and hygiene products are safe for Muslim use.
    • NOTE: The above must not be dangerous and/or mixed in with Non-halal ingredients.

Hopefully Halal Buddy’s simple list can help you in selecting your future makeup brand. Halal is not only about food, but it’s also about the benefits or harm and ingredient does to the human health. Next time before you go shopping, download the Halal Buddy App to quickly check the ingredients whether it’s safe or unsafe for Muslim use.

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