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9 Types of E-Numbers You Should Know by Now

Some time ago, there were rumours talking about how E-numbers indicate that a product cont...

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3 Simple Ways to Recognise Pigskin Leather

Why is Pigskin Leather Haram in Islam? It's a difficult task to recognise pigskin leathe...

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Halal Buddy Eats: House of Kambing

House of Kambing: Malaysia's First Grillhouse Ranch House of Kambing is located smack in ...

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7 Fatwa About Alcohol Use In Food and Drink in Islam

Alcohol use in food and drink in Islam is a popular topic to discuss among foodies and Mus...

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How to Tell the Difference Between Halal and Non-Halal Gelatin

Gelatin is used in chewy and fluffy sweets and desserts, but finding halal gelatin is not ...

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3 People Who Must Know About Halal and Non-Halal

Halal and Non-Halal is an important issue for Muslims worldwide. It's not only  a religio...

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